Sportsfishing – Which Lures to Use for Bass

Bass fishing is extremely popular and for some it is more an obsession than a hobby; it’s about who can catch the biggest fish and show it off. If you want to learn to fish for bass you’ll find that there’s more to it than you might imagine.

As well as the rod and the right weight of line, the lure you use makes a huge difference to how successful you’ll be at bass fishing.

Follow these tips for the best bass fishing lures:

Top 3 Lures for Bass

The results of a survey carried out amongst professional bass fishermen to find the top 3 most popular lures are as follows:

1. Plastic worms
2. Spinner bait
3. Crank bait

How to Use Your Chosen Lure

Plastic Worms

Using a plastic worm as bait is a slower but more effective method but it does come with its problems particularly when the fisherman can’t tell when he has a bite. This is usually caused by line that is too thick and a sinker which is too heavy.

A variable buoyancy worm is recommended using lead strip sinkers. This has a number of advantages:

  • The lead isn’t moving on the line so you can still detect a gentle bite by the fish
  • You can add as much lead as you want to make the worm move as you wish
  • It’s less likely to get snagged and if it does, is easier to free up
  • The bass is more likely to take the worm and become hooked
  • It’s easier to fish in shallows

It’s quite easy to ascertain how much lead strip you need by wrapping a strip round the hook and attaching the barb to the worm. Observe how it sinks into the water; too fast and you have too much lead so remove some. A 6 pound mono line is ideal for bass.

Spinner Bait

There are some advantages to using spinner bait:

  • It can be moved across water more quickly
  • It can be bounced on the bottom
  • It can be moved in several ways in order to attract fish
  • It can be used to check out the shoreline because it won’t tangle

Crank bait

Crank bait is fast and useful for locating scattered fish.

Whichever lure you choose, make sure that it’s easy for the bass to find. Bass appear to be lazy and don’t want to go too far to find food so just drop your lure in front of the bass and watch him bite.

As with most imprecise sports, trial and error will help you decide which is the most effective lure for your fishing grounds. Happy bass fishing!
Selection of Bass Lures
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