Getting Started with Sportfishing

Sportfishing is a great way to get out in nature and catch some fresh food while you’re at it. As compared to drift fishing, sportfishing involves trolling, constantly moving around. It can involve fishing for great fish such as marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, and big game sharks (thresher, mako, hammerhead, sand bar, bull, and tiger, etc.). These types of fish will give a very strong fight, which is part of the fun of sportfishing. (Note: drift fishing is bottom fishing, in which you hold the rod yourself and feel the bite.)

Regarding equipment, a circle hook is great for beginners, while a J hook is great for those who are more experienced. You may even want to experiment from day to day in seeing which type is working best. Once the fish is on to your bait, be sure to pull hard in order to hook it.

What should you carry in your tackle box? Your tackle box won’t be complete without a couple crimpers, pliers, a cutting tool for lines and spectra, a good and varied selection of hooks, metal jigs (including glow-in-the-dark for those early morning and late night times), buck tails, and sinkers in different sizes and types—and don’t forget a camera and sun screen!

It goes without saying that you will need a top-quality rod and reel, nothing lighter than 30#. The farther offshore you go, the more aggressive fish tend to be, requiring a heavier capability. If you visit our site at, you’ll find plenty of tools to enhance your sportfishing experience.

Here are a few words about technique. When you have a fish on the line, pick up the rod, then reel in as you lower the rod back down to gain line. Don’t turn the handle while you’re lifting the rod. Keep your bait away from the boat. When fishing with live bait, pick something that is actually lively! Don’t just grab the first thing you see in the bait tank—take some time to find the best specimen to use. The one that is swimming the best in the bait well will be the one that swims best in the water, thereby giving you the best chance to catch something good. The best bait will be the hardest to catch out of the bait well—you will need to use two hands.

If you like being out on the water, sportfishing may be just for you. Some find it relaxing, and others find it exciting—either way, it can be a most enjoyable activity for spending time in the great outdoors! You don’t even need to have your own boat, as there are plenty of charters that specialize in sportfishing, with knowledge about the best places to fish and what current best practices are for being a successful fisher.

We hope that you have found this article informative. To learn more about sportfishing and to see a huge selection of products at great prices, visit us at We love to answer questions about sportfishing!
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